Healthier tomorrow than I am today… Join ME!

My dream is to inspire people to live out their God given potential.  How much of a greater impact can we have on this world if we have the health, strength, energy and stamina to tirelessly pursue it?  We are not created to get tired, weak and sick.  Our design it not to simply live life until we die, rather we are designed to THRIVE!! Over the next month I want to build a group that wants to walk out the next year TOGETHER and stand proud TOGETHER and in 1 year proclaim that they are a year older and healthier than they are today.

Rock climbing

For some reason people have a simple time understanding that if you are not financially responsible you will be broke, if you don’t take care of your car it will not last as long or if you don’t take care of you home it will fall apart.  But when it comes to our bodies, somehow we become immune to all if that.  We are invincible; we can eat whatever we want, not move or exercise, fill our bodies with toxic substances and we will be just fine…


Does all of this  sound crazy to you?

We MUST learn to care for our bodies the way they were designed to be cared for.  I just spent $1500.00 on my car.  It has 130,000 miles and it was time to get the timing belt, water pump and a bunch of other things replaced.  I almost choked when they told me the cost.  But that’s what I needed to do so that I could get another few years out of my car, which will someday end up in the junk yard and rust away.  When was the last time that I invested $1500.00 into making my body last longer, run better, perform to the highest potential.  I want my body to run for a little longer than a few more years but sometimes I treat it worse than I treat my car.  If you are interested in joining me on this journey of health for the next year follow this link( ).  If you do not have facebook please leave a comment or email me at drryan@weldfamilyclinic.  I am only accepting the first 25 people, you can’t afford to wait!

Resolution or Revolution

Every year millions of people vow to make changes in their lives; lose weight, save money, get out of debt, read a book… yet more than 90% of New Year’s resolutions have already come to an end.  People have failed and given up on their new goal.  Unfortunately,  that is how most of us view life.  We didn’t reach our goal so we are a failure.  We have a new title, a new name, a different identity.  Why is it that we can’t just see those failures as a little trip or fall.  How many times have we literally tripped or fallen?  Yet we still seem to find a way to get up and keep walking.  We need to remember that life is not a series of terminal ends.  We don’t hit a cross roads and “win or lose.”  We are on a road.  Sometimes we run, sometimes we walk, and sometimes we lie down and wallow in our misery.  But, we are still on the road, and that road doesn’t end until we die.

 So as long as you are breathing don’t quit, don’t call yourself a failure, don’t try and change your identity.  Get up, dust yourself off and KEEP GOING!!!  No one ever changed the world with a New Year’s resolution.  They changed it because they wanted to be a revolutionary who refused to stay on the the ground!


Welcome To Dr. Ryan’s Blog

Rock climbingThank you for joining me on this Journey of a lifetime.  A place where we can build a community that encourages greatness and inspires people to live out their destinies!  My heart in this blog is to encourage, inspire, motivate and build value in you so that you feel like you can truly step out into the world and accomplish your dreams.  In addition I will be posting valuable health insights that will help you to build the life of your dreams and to stay healthy to live it out.